lunes, 18 de junio de 2012

LEAN methodology: the Kaizen activity

Since April, Fujitsu Technology Solutions is working on improving Hospital emergency department through the implementation of Lean methodology. The last week of May the Lean Kaizen activity with the emergency department of Hospital de Sant Pau took place at  i2Health Sant Pau facilities.

Kaizen is a Japanese term which translates as "continuous improvement" and is a method to accelerate the  process improvement based on the DMAIC cycle.
During the five days Kaizen, a team of 16 employees from the emergency department and representative of all groups were dedicated and worked together redefining emergency processes to achieve the project objectives. These objectives are mostly focused on meeting the needs of the patient and employee of the emergency department.

The starting point of Kaizen is the current process diagram, from which value stocks and areas for improvement are identified based on the root causes of problems and solutions are sought. From this point, the ideal and future desired processes are defined, and also a strategy to move from current state to future state, embodied in an action plan, is designed.

Currently, the action plan of the Kaizen product is being implemented by the Hospital professionals involved in the activity.

 Lean team 297 during one of the Kaizen exercises