lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

COM'ON project: Living Lab Experience with LegoRealPlay

Last Thursday, April 26, i2HealthSantPau have hosted a Living Lab activity for the European AAL project COM'ON. 

The aim of COM'ON project is to develop an IT solution in order to resolve elderly mobility into cities in a holistic approach (planning, sharing and on journey help services), which will cover all available public transport options, in order to help older people maintain their outdoor mobility for as long as possible.

The participants during the workshop

The activity, conducted by Jordi Colobrans (from i2CAT Living Lab Unit) and supported by Mie Bjerre and Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen (from Copenhagen Living Lab), have involved 11 senior people with the objective to discover their concerns and proposed solutions in urban mobility through the use of Lego bricks. This innovative approach based on Lego brick, demonstrated the extraordinary connection between our hands and our mind. By using the hands we get connected to our unknown knowledge and some researchers refers to it as: ‘thinking with our hands’.
All the participants in the Living Lab experience

Finally, we would like to thanks the participation of ethnographers Noemi Perez, Jaume Durall, Anna Capitán, Marc Aguilar, Josep Benavent and Vladimir Reinhardt for their work and all the participants for the great experience they provided.