sábado, 22 de enero de 2011

ADviser project successfully submitted!

The i2Health Sant Pau Team welcomed the New Year by putting a lot of effort into coordinating the FP7 ADviser proposal that we successfully submitted last Tuesday, January 18th.

ADviser addressed the ICT-2011.5.1 Personal Health Systems (PHS) Call and more preciously answered the goals defined in the topic a.1 Neurodegenerative diseases.

The Alzheimer Disease Virtual Caregiver (ADviser) project aims to create an Alzheimer disease personal health management system suitable to enabling a personalized suite of services in an intelligent integrated ecosystem to enhance safe independent living in patients with AD, assuring personalized treatment compliance and providing personalized rich multimedia cognitive rehabilitation and support.

The ADviser project is targeted to four out of the seven stages of the Alzheimer disease, as research and development will be applied to the specific conditions and constraints of stages 3 to 6 (Mild decline, Moderate decline, Moderately severe decline, and Severe decline). The chosen stages are precisely those where the patients are in need of having medication treatment although they still have some (but progressively declining) personal autonomy.

ADviser has a 18month long Work Package particularly devoted to carry out LivingLab tasks. WP5 pursues the involvement of all ADviser users (health professionals, patients, carers, family) trough the user requirements gathering, the technical design, development and final validation.

ADviser Consortium is made of 9 partners from Spain (4), Italy (2), Germany (2) and Turkey (1), the project will last 36 months, with a total budget around 4M€.

Jaume Benseny as ADviser coordination leader I want to thank Dr. Albert Lleó from the Memory Unit of Sant Pau Hospital for his great task of medical enlightment, Rafael Pardo as the leader of i2Health Sant Pau for his never ending working days, Ildefons Hervás for his coordination tasks from the Institute of Biomedical Research, Joseph Negreria for his tireless believe in the proposal success and all other involved persons and partners.

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