viernes, 31 de mayo de 2013

Project REMEI

REal-time MEdical Reporting ServIce

The goal of the project is to implement and validate an asynchronous, real-time and online medical case report service built upon a secure, fast and reliable telemedicine platform for remote assistance and telediagnostic of diseases in emergency scenarios.

This service facilitates the cooperation and coordination among professionals of different medical centres; as well as it aids to the diagnosis by associating medical images to the case report. In addition, the platform also provides a videoconference service increasing thus communication capabilities for remote assistance between e.g. medical specialist and the emergency physician.

The figure below depicts the hardware system components and illustrates the deployment of the service with the remote and reference hospitals.

The service is being tested and clinically validated at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital ( in a teleophthalmology scenario among ophthalmologists, opticians and neonatologists.

The principal functionalities of the service built upon the telemedicine platform are:
· Asynchronous and real-time edition of medical case reports using Flex technology (
· Use and sharing of medical images associated to medical case reports, incl. DICOM (
· Videoconferencing technology allowing real-time communication.
· Use of HTTPS and RTMPS (videoconference) secure protocols to protect patient data.

This project has been funded by Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament d’Innovació, Universitats i Empresa.

Pleaso download this brochure for further information.

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