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i2Health Sant Pau

i2HealthSantPau within the global network research community

Research is becoming more collaborative, with researchers working together in teams or projects, but their members are often spread over locations far apart from one another. The ability to transfer data and share information together is crucial to productive working in this distributed environment. Science is also becoming more data intensive, with experiments and experimental facilities generating very large quantities of data which need to be stored and/or analysed. 

GÉANT is a flagship project of the EU, key to keeping Europe at the forefront of the global research race. GÉANT is sponsored by the e-Infrastructures Unit of DG CONNECT of the European Commission. DG CONNECT is the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. Its vision is to make every European digital, and its flagship initiative for achieving this is the Digital Agenda for Europe. DG CONNECT supports ICT research & innovation and deploys regulatory and policy tools in order to boost growth and create jobs.

The GÉANT project is a collaboration between 41 partners: 38 European NRENs, DANTE, TERENA and NORDUnet (representing the five Nordic countries). In total, the project represents 43 NRENs from Europe and nations with FP7 third country agreements. Through the NREN partners, GÉANT delivers a range of services across the network for institutions, projects and researchers.

RedIRIS is the Spanish academic and research network that provides advanced communication services to the scientific community and national universities. I2CAT is connected to the RedIRIS infraestrcure and this way accessing straight to the global reserach community.

At the same time, i2CAT provides value-added research services through the EXPERIMENTA Platform (http://fi2.cat/experimenta). Such platform is a Future Internet test-bed network infrastructure that provides optical transport equipment, wireless and sensor networks as well as provides connection to local stakeholders within metropolitan area of Barcelona through the Industrial Ring (http://www.cesca.cat/en/project/industrial-ring).

i2healthsanpau Knowledge Centre is connected to the global research community as a node located in the Hospital de Sant Pau enclosure. Such connectivity enables research and innovation activities carried out by the Sant Pau Biomedical Research Institute, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and i2CAT joint venture to interact with the global research community.

Digital services devoted to the health sector are developed in the i2healthsantpau Knowledge Centre and nowadays it counts with the following resources: 

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