martes, 16 de abril de 2013

Portal del Paciente

Approaching patients and clinicians

Portal del Paciente is an innovative project developed by the eHealth & eInclusion cluster of i2Cat Foundation for the children’s hospital Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. The project is part of the Hospital Líquido initiative from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu that uses the new technologies to attend the patients beyond the physical barriers of the hospital and to promote the dissemination of health knowledge.

The project aims to develop a website where the patients and patient’s parents can communicate with the clinicians and also obtain useful information about their health. The version 1.1 of the Portal del Paciente has been released in February 2013 and includes the following functionalities:

Clinical documentation about the patient:
● Medical Reports
● Image diagnostics
● Laboratory results

Tele-assistance services:
● Online consultation through videoconference
● Tele-consultation through secure messaging
● Tele-monitoring of the patients diabetes

Health contents (text, videos and URLs):
● Generic and useful health information.
● Specially tailored health advice.

The project will contribute to provide a better assistance and follow-up to the patients, while encourages them to be active participants in their health management.

The project is constantly evolving; currently i2Cat is developing the version 2.0 that will include a new Look & Feel, improvements detected during the pilot and also an application to access the portal from a Tablet PC.

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