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ICT based platform to promote elderly wellbeing

CarismaTiC project aims to promote an easy and accessible access of senior impaired people and her/his caregiver to healthcare and social services in order to improve their quality of life and autonomy.

The initiative will provide the target group with an ITC based platform accessible through a tabletPC application integrating several resources such as: medication tools to improve adherence, messaging platform to promote direct contact between beneficiaries and healthcare/social services, videoconference service between social/healthcare providers and beneficiaries, register of relevant data from patients’ evolution…

During the development, the most important stakeholders identified have been contacted in order to find out the most relevant specifications that can affect the initiatives and assure highest diffusion rates and impact on the society at the end of the project.

Initial mock up of CarismaTiC apps interface

CarismaTiC project started on September 2012 and is expected to finalize it at the end of year 2013.

The project is promoted by “Fundació Ciutat de Viladecans” and eHealth area of “Fundació i2CAT”, supported by the local healthcare and social services of Viladecans city (Barcelona) and funded by “Obra Social La Caixa”.

For more information about CarismaTiC please contact us or refer to:
CarismaTiC Project website: http://www.carismatic.cat

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