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RFID technology applied to the patient tracking

One of the main issues in the healthcare systems, which directly impacts in the operational efficiency and productivity of health services, it is the identification and location of patients. Currently there are several ICT solutions in the market, but without so much success. Generally, it is not possible to know the path of the patients or how long the patient has been inside the room, so it is really difficult to manage and optimize the care processes. It is estimated that between 6% and 10% of the errors that occurs in a hospital, are caused by an error in the identification of subjects.

In this context, CUIDATS project aims to develop an integrated system based on RFID technology that allows to monitors and register the location and several vital signs of the patients. The platform is low cost and minimally invasive for the patient, as well as the software platform, which will be integrated to the information system of the healthcare system.

As result of the project will be created a system-prototype that will be evaluated in the pilot inside a real hospital or in a similar scenario in order to validate the usefulness of the system in the context of the management of services. The solution will achieve to reduce the lack of efficiency in the management of resources, the localization ad the tracking of patients.

At this project i2cat Foundation leads the requirements and dissemination work packages and it is also involved in other tasks related to the integration with the health care system. For more information, visit the CUIDATS project website (cuidats.i2cat.net).

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