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Confident Motion


The overall objective for COM’ON is to develop, test and deploy a digital platform and the associated services for public transportation, which help older adults to cope with the complexity of situations having mild to moderate problems with moving around.

COM’ON will enhance older adults’ sense of self-efficacy through:
1. Security and safety
2. Confidence and autonomy
3. Competence
4. Connecting


We have decided to develop the COM’PANION concept, which empowers older adults to take on journeys of their own, through motivational feedback about e.g. distance and frequency of journey, as well as appropriate and timely support from a personal or professional peer.

This service is delivered on PC, tablet or smartphone.

The core functionalities that allow companionship are:
· Opportunities to pair up between companions (older adults and personal/professional relation).
· Invitations to join a journey.
· Possibilities to receive and request location based notification.
· Live interaction and communication between the older adults and the companions while being on the way.

As part of the core service additional functionalities are:
· A special interface to GPS based guidance while on the move, taking into account the special needs of older adults.
· A motivational feedback loop providing individualised information about distance, frequency of journeys e.g.
· A planning tool that helps to structure and to carry out the everyday life in relation to journeys and destinations outside of home.

· Copenhagen Living Lab
· Xtel
· Actimo
· Laurea University of Applied Sciences
· Nearparent
· Enthoven Associates Design Consultants
· Concept Factory
· i2cat


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