miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

HIPERMED DEMO - i2HealthSantPau Inauguration

The Catalan Minister of Health inaugurated the i2HealthSantPau Center and we have established a 3D video-conference with PSNC to demonstrate what we think will be the future of medical tele-consultation.

The 3D Polish side of the video-conference has asked i2HealthSantPau for help during a surgery and, for this reason, the medical professionals from Poland sent through the video-conference a 3D medical video of the intervention allowing proper advise to be provided from local specialists.

The technology used in the demo is the result of the HIPERMED project that aims to design an open telemedicine platform based on a unified Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) providing media services, SIP-based control plane services and network services over the Internet Protocol (IP). The project exploits and extends the results from the HDVIPER CELTIC project (www.hdviper.org) in a healthcare scenario. The platform will support remote consulting, tele-teaching and distributed consensus decision-making on treatment programmes. It will also be possible to implement any sort of healthcare unit, e.g., in homes of patients and stand-by healthcare workers.

The event has had great impact in the Spanish and Catalan press and TV as we can see in the following links:

Spanish State Television, minute 8:

Catalan Public Television, minute 17 :

We want to especially thank our partners from PSNC Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center and the HIPERMED consortium for their support in this demo.

The HIPERMED project is partially funded by the “Avanza Competitividad I+D+I” Spanish programme (project number TSI-020400-2010-106)

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